The return to age groupings at WHA juniors has not come lightly as a decision. There have been many hours of consultation with Hockey Qld staff and coaches, development coaches, and other associations across Qld and think tanks at conferences that support new ideas that will evolve our sport and participation.

We appreciate that some kids are more advanced and skilled for their age. However, it is important for these kids to stay in their age group to not only have extended time as being the strongest player in their age group, but also to evolve their leadership on the field, and learn to guide and communicate with their peers in the game. 9-11yrs of age is a crucial time in the GAME SENSE development of a child. With GAME SENSE they also develop an understanding in the value of TEAM WORK. The end result? Warwick Junior Hockey develops a strong junior competition, stronger representative teams AND your child learns important skills for life!

Age groupings eliminate the need for grading players at the beginning of the season, and we can focus on developing our players in the same age groups that they go into for representative carnivals!

U11 girls 18

***NB: 2019 will present new opportunities for confident and skilled players in each age group to 'play up' into the next age group (providing more hockey time and value for money), but there will be a strict policy on players staying in and participating in their current age group as it is an important element of their development as a player. The coordinators appreciate parents positively supporting the changes which have come about after many hours of consultation and discussion within our junior committee and with Hockey Qld staff.***

U11 Super Sixers! (2019)

  • Registered players born in 2008 and 2009 (plus players from U9s who select to play up into U11 for the season)
  • Arrive 9:45am for 10:00am game start!
  • Mixed teams, 6-a-side
  • Half field
  • 15 - 20min halves
  • Weekly skill up session
  • Full season competition


Tuesdays 4:15pm-5:30pm weekly except school holidays.

U11 vs Toowoomba U11 Club Teams

Our new age groupings also align with teams visiting from Toowoomba clubs - U11 and U13. 

Details to be confirmed when available. 

Our U9 and U11 will combine to vs Toowoomba U11 teams when they visit on their bye Saturdays.

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